Who I am

Sean Ardren

  • M. Sc. (Applied Mathematics)
  • Grad Dip Ed (Maths, Physics, Science)
  • Actuarial Certificate

Born in Ireland, I lived mostly in South Africa, and am now proud to be an Australian citizen. I choose to live in Albury, a relaxed place which offers so much !

I have taught at a number of Australian schools, up to and including HSC and VCE. My experience in tutoring stretches back over 30 years.

I have long been interested in educational issues, particularly those having to do with university preparedness and “liberal education” which can be defined as “training in the ability to think” where mathematics is perhaps par excellence the subject in which this can be achieved.

Much of my teaching in Australia  and South Africa and has been at universities, but I have never been a typical “lecturer” as opposed to a “teacher”.

My time in post-apartheid South Africa at the University of Cape Town teaching first year mathematics to so-called “previously disadvantaged students” has proved very valuable in allowing me to develop as a remedial teacher at the very highest level; at finding and resolving sticking points, some of which are deeply rooted, perhaps beginning in primary school. These issues have to be addressed and it is surprising and pleasing that obstacles of this sort are often quickly resolved and accompanied by considerable increase in confidence.

On this last matter, it may be of interest to read the reference from Prof Gilmour.

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